Vol. 1 Summer Issue 2010

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by Dr. Tariq Hassan
Dr. Tariq Hassan comments on the launch of the Counsel, and the increasing importance of in house Corporate Counsel.

The launch of the Counsel, Pakistan’s Premier Corporate Law Magazine, by a team of dedicated young lawyers is commendable. This initiative is not only desirable but necessary as well.

The Counsel, in its Statement of Objectives, has undertaken to "publish both academic and vocationally oriented materials by corporate leaders, legal practitioners, professors and judges including in-house corporate counsels, company secretaries and chief financial officers." It promises that "[i]n addition to publishing opinion pieces by legal practitioners and articles by corporate professionals, the magazine shall have as its regular feature, interviews and discussions with eminent members of the judiciary and leading legal practitioners and corporate leaders thereby creating a forum for debate on legal trends and policies." In fulfilling this mandate, The Counsel may become an effective tool for enhancing corporate law compliance and herald the much needed legal reform in the corporate sector. Read more here...